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    Hi Guys,

    I just started on mTurk and posted 2 HITs. The first is a short 6 question survey about which product you like he best. The first 5 questions are to get to know you and the 6th question asks you to rank the styles from favorite to least favorite.

    Title: Answer a survey about beach chair styles
    Requester: Lior Ciobotaru (AEWB40EPKJYQX)
    Reward: $0.10 per HIT
    HITs Available: 400+

    I also posted another HIT just to get an idea of how good mTurkers are are commenting on blogs. I read in many places online that mTurkers are awesome at coming up with great comments, so the second HIT I posted is just see what comments you guys come up with. Keep in mind that in this HIT I'm not asking you to actually post a comment on the blog. I'm just asking that you write in the HIT text area what comment you would have posted if you were being asked to do so.

    Title: Write a short comment on a blog
    Requester: Lior Ciobotaru (AEWB40EPKJYQX)
    Reward: $0.25 per HIT
    HITs Available: 5

    You can find both hits here:

    Thanks Guys!

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