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Discussion in '11223344' started by mturkconsultant, Feb 11, 2014.

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    Hello turkers,

    This is a notice that my account - mturkconsultant - is no longer related to the requester on Mechanical Turk, 11223344.

    I have quit my position as lead developer of our Mechanical Turk division at 11223344 (requester ID A20OLZ95LYE7NY) because of disagreements with my boss about the rude emails being sent to workers and an internal company decision I cannot talk about due to my non-disclosure agreement.

    I had a lot of fun working with 11223344 and I hope that this requester continues to provide good work for the mTurk community. However, my work there is done. :)

    I however am most certainly not quitting mTurk - I will continue to provide new projects for mTurk workers going forward.

    Fredrick Brennan (mturkconsultant)

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