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    Sentiment tagging of text.
    Will be posting a batch of 2500 HITs everyday ( 500 * 5 submissions) for the next 2-3 weeks.
    Approvals will be done within a day of batch completion with Fridays being an exception (Approvals for HITs posted on Fridays will be done on Mondays).

    We hate rejections because we know that it affects Turker's ability to work on mTurk.
    We reject HITs only when we are very sure that the worker is ripping us off. Out of 100000 HIT submissions that we got so far we have rejected 40.

    We know that the pay can be a little better, but no matter how many qualification tests we have, after a point of time, most of the workers take advantage of our trust and enter random answers and try to rip us off.

    Because we don't like rejections we accept the work but blacklist such bad workers from future tasks. If the quantity of bad quality work is too much to be tolerated, we will proceed to rejecting a few.
    Every HIT you submit will be manually gone through by our workers here.

    Have fun working on our HITs. :)
    Here are our HITs .
    Title: Classification of Text Sentiment
    Requester: Hideo Kinami [A3OHK5CUXR9UGM] (TO)
    TO Ratings:
    5.00 Communicativity
    3.20 Generosity
    5.00 Fairness
    5.00 Promptness
    Number of Reviews: 5
    (Submit a new TO rating for this requester)

    Description: requires classifying the sentiment of a given text.
    Time: 10 minutes
    Hits Available: 500
    Reward: $0.06
    Qualifications: Total approved HITs is not less than 5000, Blacklist has not been granted, HIT approval rate (%) is not less than 97

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