General Question Prior To Posting A New HIT

Discussion in 'Do My HIT!' started by Anonymous_Requester, Oct 19, 2012.

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    Oct 20, 2012
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    Hi my name is Neona and I'm addicted to coffee, chocolate and rich old men. I also am a tad narcoleptic and menopausal.I have been known to fall asleep at odd times, like while working on Mturk and end up timing out of the request.

    I have never been a recreational drug user and the only times I drink alcohol is if I am at dinner with a rich old white guy who is buying me wine to go with my dinner (about once every three months or so).

    I wouldn't have any problem with a confidentiality agreement - I am not much for gossip and so it would be easy for me not to discuss it. There's a lot more interesting things out there to discuss than to gossip about things that are no one's business.

    Now of course if what you are asking us to keep confidential about is going to cause harm to someone, I can't promise anything. I don't want to agree to keep my mouth shut only to find out the mob is the requester and if I say anything, I may wake up wearing cement shoes and swimming in Lake Erie.

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