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    Though possibly off topic, I think this will be welcome to many turkers....

    (An aside to the moderator: I'm happy to discuss by email, share my LinkedIn profile and various websites, etc.)

    I've followed MTurk for years, though haven't yet posted a request. I have a small project (with more in the works) that seems perfect for at least some turkers -- but hard to manage at MTurk itself. I need 19 math questions extracted from a pdf, with a little bit of HTML formatting, and typically 1-6 images each. MTurk seems to support uploads from workers, but they don't make it easy for the requester as far as I could tell. I also couldn't find an obvious 'requester consultant' or service provider who could manage such a small project.

    So, I posted on vWorker.com which I've used for years for small software dev projects.

    Not sure if a direct link is allowed, but it should be easy to find given the title: copy/paste/edit math questions & answers from pdf, including images

    At vWorker, all 23* questions are together and open to a single fixed-price bid for the set. I realize that's not the MTurk way but again I think should be a good fit for some. There won't be any ridiculous deadline pressure, so you could still tackle it in separate chunks as if they were independent HITs. If you do join the site and bid, please mention this post -- and bid on the high end of fair. I'm very much on a budget, but I'm not the type to try to squeeze out every last cent. I rarely accept the very lowest bid; instead I try to find a good worker who will continue to deliver high quality results on future projects.

    vWorker's cut is about 15% though I think that gets factored into the bid before I see it -- though I'm not positive since I only see the requester side.

    I'm happy to discuss how vWorker (formerly RentACoder) works, at least from the 'requester' perspective. My rating from workers there is 9.48 / 10 based on 27 ratings, all of which have at least a brief comment. (Equally important: note that I often pay a bonus.)

    Of course I have no affiliation with vWorker other than being a requester there. It's very different than MTurk so not really a competitor but might be an interesting supplement for some turkers.

    And, I hope to get at least one good bid on my project. Please include at least one sentence about why you think the task is a good fit and/or why I should choose you.



    * Um, actually 21 questions, plus 2 that are in multiple parts. I was looking at the wrong page of the pdf when I wrote the subject line.
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    wrong thread

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