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    I know some people here edit for CS, so I'm hoping one of you (or anyone) can help me. I noticed that five of my HITs were approved, but showed feedback indicating I had made a mistake. It was one of their new HITs, the ones where you choose a side in a debate and write an opinion backing up your choice, and the feedback indicated that I did not make a choice. I did make a choice. Since it was approved, is that worth emailing CS about? Did anyone else have this issue?

    On another HIT, an editor took out the subordinate conjunction at the beginning of my sentence, so the approved response was not grammatically correct. I have two HITs like this. Does that reflect negatively on me?

    I'm asking because, even though they were all approved, I wasn't sure if that affected my mobility with CS as far as future qualifications. There hasn't been a CS editor hour this week, so I haven't been able to ask there.

    Any help and/or insight would be greatly appreciated. :)
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