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    I appreciate your saying so, Whimsy! Yes, it's really important to me to be fair. If I know I'm just making a judgment call, not specifically covered in the style guide, I would not downgrade anyone for that. In fact, there have to be more than 1 or 2 minor things wrong with a transcript before I even touch its grade.

    By contrast, a meaning-changing mistake, when not marked as a guess, is a major thing. More than 1 and the grade's going down. More than 3 and the grade might drop by two, definitely so if the audio is shorter.

    Changing meaning, to me, means things like omitting the "not" from "I could not recommend him freely." But although it seems similar, if a transcriber were to leave out any one of the "to" in, say, "Although I meant to stop by to pick up the car to take over to the neighbor's..." I figure that's more just a problem of the speaker confusing everyone with their choice of wording.

    I'm going to put that word back in, and it's not ideal that it's missing, but it's also not anything I feel shows that the transcribing work was of bad quality...unless random missing words happen constantly in that transcript!

    I'm really glad! I would definitely want people to speak up if they didn't understand or agree with editing I had done. Like I said, I try to explain myself in the comments I leave for transcribers. I give compliments, too. Communication across the board seems really important in getting the quality consistent. I'd love for it all to work out so that I get a lot more easy edits, where I hardly have to touch anything!
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