Amazon Mechanical Turk activity for Dec 04, 2012

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    Nov 7, 2012
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    The following is a summary of our Amazon Mechanical Turk activity for Dec 04, 2012.

    Daily HIT activity
    - Number of HITs created: 132

    Daily HIT assignment activity
    - Number of assignments accepted by users: 136
    - Number of assignments submitted by users: 136
    - Number of approved assignments: 131
    - Number of rejected assignments: 4

    Payments summary
    - Amount paid to users for completed and approved HITs: $65.100
    - Bonus rewards paid to users: $0.000
    - Commission paid to Amazon Mechanical Turk for approved HITs and bonus rewards: $6.510
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    Why have there been no further HITs posted? I am very sad that there is no more work to complete from you. You were the only one on mturk that did paraphrasing! Please post more HITs soon!! We all miss you!!

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