Well paid fun study about emotion recognition for kids

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    Dear Mturkers,

    Are you interested in earning money the easy and fun way? Do you want to contribute to academic research about emotion recognition? We are looking for 6 participants to help us with the annotations in our study. In this study you will watch a short video clip (on average 3 seconds) and then will answer questions about emotions expressed by the kid. You can see an example HIT by going to this link:


    The accuracy is very important for this study and we are looking to hire experienced and accurate workers. For this purpose, we are asking workers who are interested in participating to email us their workerID and Turk Stats. You will be contacted by us to do a recruitment HIT (Which is also paid) and will be hired if you qualify. We have large amount of data for annotations and upon getting hired, each worker will earn about 100$ in the first phase. We guarantee that we do not block any worker and if we are happy with your work you will be selected for our future studies as well.
    You can send emails to:mechanicalturkcomp@gmail.com

    Title: Emotion Recognition for kids
    Requester: Sense_Comp
    Time: 1 minute per HIT
    Reward: $0.15 per HIT
    Number of HITS per worker: ~ 600 HITs

    Looking forward to your participation!
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