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    Hey y'all!

    I have a brother in a nursing home in Texas, whom, for multiple reasons, I have not been able to travel to see for several years.

    I had the brainwave today of posting a gig on mturk to hire someone to visit him. If I could find the right fit (someone comfortable with visiting a dementia patient, perhaps even willing to bring along a device so I could Skype with my brother), it could even be a recurring gig.

    The nursing home will let me speak to my brother on the phone, but it's like pulling teeth trying to set up a time. This way I could see *and* speak to him, plus he gets the boredom buster of a visitor. I also get eyes on him & his belongings, so I can be sure there's no mistreatment, nobody's stealing the stuff I send him, etc. He's under the care of a social worker, but I had to waive my rights as his relative to get that put in place. So they haven't been very responsive to my queries.

    For those who have done the requester thing, do you think this would be a reasonable task, or a logistical nightmare? Do you know of a better way?

    For those who would consider doing such a task if it were available in your area, how much would you expect to be paid for a visit like this of roughly an hour?

    Thanks for any and all input!

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