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Discussion in 'CastingWords' started by angelface83, Jul 29, 2012.

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    Jul 26, 2012
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    I have seen a few of my edited transcripts and I am quite frustrated. I did receive one support actually did themselves and I swear there were 6 comma's in one sentence that added to my already, two. :eek:

    The ones I am frustrated with...One person put all the So's, and's and but's back in... On many transcripts I get chastised if I even include one even if it's important to the sentence structure- Meaning at the beginning. I was told to cut out putting so's in...So why are they putting them back in and also taking out my comma's and adding periods where someone trails off.

    This doesn't make any sense. I really wish they would just be consistent. I guess with so many editors and graders it is hard to be. But I did not understand the one that put back IN many filler words and took out comma's.

    I have gotten edits from support at CW and they want lots of comma's and they also told me that I need to have longer sentences and they showed me examples. So to have someone cut some normal sentences down...and cut out a comma and end the sentence..That is odd. Also they put a bunch of and's, so's and but's back at the beginning of sentences. :/

    This is a bit frustrating. The style guide says to remove filler words whenever possible and only leave them if the sentence does not make sense without them.

    Support has not yet disagreed with any of these I have sent them so I am kind of at a loss. If they are not following their Style guide...not much I can do. But it is making my head hurt not knowing which grader/editor will want what.

    I swear- this is a very stressful transcription job,lol. I have another one and we do not get graded like this, nor after every one. I am thankful for some work but it is hard to guess what an editor or grader will think.

    I have seen the jobs up for grading and improving a transcript for me already- Which means someone with little experience can grade and improve- Which is a bit scary :/
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    Honestly... it is basically a craps shoot every time a transcript gets graded if you ask me. This seems to be the case with SI and CW. Quite frustrating.
  3. hapless

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    Yo ... I've been at it since last month ... survived some weirdness ... then stuck on 8's for a while ... and now I seem to be on auto-9's much of the time (wondering if that will last). To my surprise, they have already boosted my PPT to 96.

    "Do the best you can, no more and no less."

    Continue following the style guide, apply lessons learned from experience and from valid constructive feedback, and use your own best judgment, so that you can always move forward.

    I suggest creating and maintaining a checklist, starting from your understanding of key points from the style guide, supplemented with further notes based on experience and, again, your own best judgment.

    Your checklist becomes your supplementary style guide, a handy personal reference, and a kind of anchor in the storm (if I may wax overly poetic). It records your understanding, and your decisions, on how you're going to handle various cases.

    (If you work for other transcription requesters, you may want to make separate checklists, since they'll each have their own rules and practices and quirks.)

    If you enjoy the work (at least some of it), that helps too.

    I've complained directly to CW in a few cases when some edits appeared incorrect, or when a grade seemed demonstrably unfair. I've received affirmative responses from CW in some of those cases (not all). I don't contact CW about every little thing that bothers me, but I won't hesitate when I think an issue should be investigated.

    Just keep going. Cut the stress. Laugh! You know what all this is really about? It's just about you doing good work (that you happen to enjoy). "You do good work." Keep that in mind. Keep going ...

    Good luck!

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