Amazon Mechanical Turk activity for Nov 30, 2012

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    Nov 7, 2012
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    The following is a summary of our Amazon Mechanical Turk activity for Nov 30, 2012.

    Daily HIT activity
    - Number of HITs created: 144

    Daily HIT assignment activity
    - Number of assignments accepted by users: 202
    - Number of assignments submitted by users: 202
    - Number of approved assignments: 146
    - Number of rejected assignments: 58

    Payments summary
    - Amount paid to users for completed and approved HITs: $65.300
    - Bonus rewards paid to users: $0.000
    - Commission paid to Amazon Mechanical Turk for approved HITs and bonus rewards: $6.530
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    Can I ask why you posted this? I appreciate your transparency, but the proportion of rejections is pretty dramatic and dismal. Are you seeing such terrible work submitted as a rule? If so, I wonder if it is because the better writers are busy working elsewhere on MTurk. I want you to get the results you seek, but something is seriously amiss. Please understand I am not attacking you; I think there is a disconnect between pay or expectations or some other factor....
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    Could have been 1 rotten egg. If you look at the one from the prev day it is much lower.

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